Saturday, April 30, 2011

Details of A Day

Details of A Day... photos: karen holmes

"We are important and our lives are important,
magnificent really, and their details are worthy to be recorded."
- Natalie Goldberg

Today, after picking up my mail, I decided to walk the couple of blocks to revisit one of my favorite meditation gardens. Open to the public, the serenity of this place begins the minute your toe meets the first step up to the walkways that are embellished with splashes of color, light playing with the shadows, and soft scents of cared for earth mingling with the ocean breezes. I thought I would simply share some of the details that seemed magnificent to me... and worthy of being recorded...


Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Oh how serene! The meditation garden looks so peaceful - I'd love a lily covered pond in my backyard but I don't think it would survive a 2 year old boy splashing in constantly...

Bee said...

Hello Karen,
Do you come to the meditation gardens just to stroll, or do you ever sit on that stone bench with a favorite book?

You asked what I've been reading -- and the answer is lots of things. Everything from the Cazalet Chronicles by Elizabeth Jane Howard to A Homemade Life (a food memoir by Molly Wizenberg) to YA fiction like Tangerine and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.

karen-holmes said...

*i've done both, bee. one of the benches looks out on the ocean & you can see far off into the distance surfers - my camera doesn't do that view justice... but my heart does!

thank you for the wonderful book list...i think i might choose A Homemade Life to read first!

karen-holmes said...

*mrs. bok...children visit the gardens, and love to watch the koi, and they behave surprising well (but i agree a backyard pond might be rather tempting for your little one's splashing...would be for me, too)-xok.

Carol said...

Beautiful pictures!

karen-holmes said...

* glad you are here...thank you for your butterflies...they have been blessing me! -xok.

Barb said...

Ooooooh, what a beautiful photo collage.
Barb in Texas

karen-holmes said...

*thank you, barb... and welcome! -xok.

kiki said...

I can only imagine my joy when I get to sit here in the future. Looking forward to a visit filled with simple moments and places. xoxo

Birdie said...

awwww Karen, this is beautiful. Coming here I first saw the picture and I just sat and looked at it for some time before even starting to read your lines. I could not take my eyes away ... and then I read it's picture from a zen garden! Now I understand :-) You are lucky to have a place like that near by. Please Karen when you visit there again say to zen garden I said 'hi' ... thank you!
Sending much love your way!!

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