Thursday, April 28, 2011

Being Quiet

Being Quiet
Photograph by: Karen Holmes

"The quieter you become,
the more you are able to hear."
-Zen Saying

We all fall into life patterns - some of those patterns serve us well for a long time and then we simply outgrow them. I used to like to come home, kick off my shoes and settle in with a cup of tea to watch the evening news. Recently, I have begun to break that habit by beginning to separate myself from the broadcasted devastations that offer little balance of goodness. Perhaps the commotion of life in general is granting me an invitation to wander off into places that allow me to become quiet, and more able to hear and recognize the goodness that does exist.

One thing that offers me calm, is to sit on the shore and watch surfers - their balance, grace, regard for nature, and their practiced peaceful waiting between waves, simply reminds me and inspires me to take time to welcome the quiet.

Today, I wish you pockets of peace and quiet that allow you to get in touch more fully with the goodness in your life...


Christina said...

how beautiful.
i love breathing in, the fresh air placed here.

karen-holmes said...

*christina, and i am always grateful for your presence. -xok.

Lee said...

Simply beautiful...thanks.

Birdie said...

Karen, this is so beautiful and true! I stopped watching TV all together after my son was born. There was no time. And I realized that I didn't miss it at all! Not only I didn't miss it but I also felt less worried because I was not absorbing all the 'disasters' the media wanted me to absorb. No thank you! I'm so much better off without it. I still have the internet to check what's going on but I select my readings... and I agree watching surfers is very relaxing, their playfulness, balance, triumph or how they try again when they fall or the wave is over ... I'm smiling as I type this, thank you Karen! sending lots of love your way.

karen-holmes said...

*birdie, thank you for your visit and for your lovely sharing and insights. i am so glad you smiled and felt extra joy today. love to you. -xok.

karen-holmes said...

*lee, thank you for your visit. -xok.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely thought. Our lives are so crowded with noise and confusion. It is good to stop and listen to God's peaceful world.
Thank you for your blog--it so inspires me!!
Pam xo

karen-holmes said...

*pam, thank you for sharing your insights, inspirations, and gratefulness! bless you. -xok.

Lee said...

Karen, You won the book giveaway. Please contact me with your mailing address. Congrats! :)

wildmountain at sbcglobal dot net

beth said...

i need a few of those pockets :)

karen-holmes said...

*lee, i'm very excited about the book! thank you! -xok.

karen-holmes said...

*beth, a pocket of peace headed your way! -xok.

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