Thursday, April 21, 2011


One Flower
Photograph by: Karen Holmes

"They built their argument on an obvious but subtle truth - that a flower can't run away, which makes it a model for how to deal gracefully and ingeniously with the realities -
the opportunities as well as the limits - of your habitat."
- Janine Benyus (foreword to Zugunruhe)

Inspirational Book: Zugunruhe The Inner Migration to Profound Enivironmental Change

"Zugunruhe, a German word (pronounced zoo gen ROO ha), literally means 'migratory restlessness' and is the definition encapsulating this known phenomenon of marked behavioral changes observed in many species prior to migration."
"As far as I am concerned, Zugunruhe should become a new word in our lexicon to describe all of us who seek to transform the way we live: restless for a new society that reconciles its relationship with the natural world."
- Jason McClennan (Zugunruhe)

Perhaps this Earth Day you will take up with the restlessness of Zugunruhe and begin to explore changes you can make to join with the grass roots communities that are already involved in the transformation process (at the very least it is good to be thankful for their efforts that bless us). Walk the isles of your market and begin to notice the packaging on the products that practice "less is best" with the wrappings. Begin to read the labels and buy something - one thing - that loves our earth back (as simple as trying out something like Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Liquid Dish Soap). Obtain a blue recycling bin (or use a paper bag) and begin to use it... you may notice (like I have) that you feel a little bit better doing those gatherings and when you place the items of plastic, paper, and glass in the street-side recycling bin you might just realize that you are loving our natural world a little bit better. Support resale shops - with donations and purchases. Perhaps commit to doing a better job remembering to use your recycle bags.

One flower and one person... tomorrow is Earth Day... I celebrate and embrace this earth we call home, and I trust that you do the same. All of nature: mountains, ocean, meadows, one bird, and even one single flower captivate me...


d e l i g h t said...

Good thoughts! I love my Trader Joe's! I've tried to stop using chemical household cleaners and use only a simple soap as part of my way to helping preserve the planet! I really like to recycle as much as possible also and I definitely support resale shops!
Talk to you later,

karen-holmes said...

linda...thanks for the hugs you give this sweet earth of ours! and thank you for your visit. yes, indeed, you support resale shops beautifully! -xok.

Birdie said...

Karen! we are celebrating our planet today as well :-)) I try to do my best when it comes to recycling and reusing. I know I can do even better than what I do now ... We are going to dance and sing in the garden and celebrate this beautiful place that allows us to live on :-) my son is very excited about that and the great thing with small children is that they are willing to listen and learn ... Karen, please let me wish you a happy and peaceful Easter as well. I planned to post more but I'll have no time to do so (most probably) before next week. I'm sending lots of, lots of love your way!! :-)

Birdie said...

Karen! me again :-) I forgot to mention how much I love the picture!!! :-) thank you for sharing, much love.

karen-holmes said...

*good morning birdie! so happy to have your visit here this morning. please take pictures of your day with your son in the garden - wish i could join you! this flower photo was taken at the Getty Museum - they practice good caring for the environment. your family would love visiting - maybe you can google it to explore! and learn about this garden. much love and easter joy to you and yours, my friend! -xok.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for your visit today. A very interesting photo you have shared with us! Wishing you and your loved ones A Very Happy Easter.


karen-holmes said...

*thank you, sandi...blessings to you, too! -xok.

kiki said...

A flower can't run away, but it can stay in its beauty and then petal by petal shed its existence and the seed of its existence can be transported to a new habitat on a breeze or the whim of a birds beak. It is this breeze that allows it to regrow and transform again for those who are fortunate to pass by.
I believe we are allowed to lose our petals like the flower, to not run away but to go on to another place to bloom again. Zughruhe is a word of restlessness migration to find peace, not to settle for unhappiness.

karen-holmes said...

*kiki...such a thoughtful and lovely insight...thank you for sharing. -xok.

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