Friday, April 15, 2011

Lovely Lily

Lovely Lily
Photograph by: Karen Holmes

"Misty mornings that hold within them
the promise of a beautiful day."

- Santa Montefiore (The French Gardener)

Some mornings you simply wake up and say, Today, I want to fill my life with flowers! Simple as that: flowers to feed my soul. So today you will, indeed, find me bringing home a bouquet of flowers to grace my tabletop for the weekend. Spring is having a party, and I have an invitation... 

Wishing you colorful bouquets, and the celebration of being alive to yet another glorious Spring...


kiki said...

I live in a historical area with alley ways and each year I become the alley "bandit"!
It is obvious that women wanted to spruce up the alley years ago and planted rose bushes along the fences. It is good protection too!
And over the last ten years I have escape to the alley around dusk and prune these beauties, many long forgotten, and each year I take my plant food and sprinkle their roots in gratitude of my pirated booty. I know that the roses in my home are from the woman who started as wives, became mothers, and left as ladies.
Your lily picture reminds me that Easter is around the corner. Thank you for letting me know you are inviting some "ladies" to your table this weekend. Xoxo

karen-holmes said...

*kiki...what a lovely story...thank you for sharing such sweetness. we never know about the things we leave behind - it is nice to think of them being so beautifully tended, and that the efforts are not forgotten. i always love to plant rosebushes at each property i live in...i appreciate believing they have received similar loving kindness and tending once we have parted ways. -xok.

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Gorgeous lillies! Enjoy Spring, it;s my favourite season. It's gone all wintery cold over here!

Betsy said...

This reminds me of a story about Corrie Ten Boom...when asked how she handled the "halo" which people constantly tried to put on her head for what a godly, amazingly faithful woman they perceived her as being, she responded in her thick Dutch accent, "I simply gather each compliment, and put it in a bouquet, which I offer to God at each day's end". Ah, that we can see all the many dimensions of how God meets us - in the flowers and in how we can interpret the world around us - as blooming!

karen-holmes said...

*welcome, mrs. bok...and a happy spring to you, too! -xok.

karen-holmes said...

*betsy, thank you so very much for sharing the dear Corrie Ten Boom quote...bouquet offerings of compliments to God at the end of a day...i really like that. bloom indeed...-xok.

Birdie said...

"spring is having a party and I have an invitation" ... dear Karen, what a wonderful way to say it, it stays with me and any time I hear "spring" I'll be thinking about your sentence ... yes, it is exactly like that outside!
the flowers are beautiful, look at the vibrant colors :-) sending lots of love your way :-)

karen-holmes said...

*birdie...i am so glad to have you visit here today to receive a spring "party favor" - enjoy your weekend! -xok.

for the love of a house said...

absolutely beautiful photograph Karen!

hope you'll be joining me again for coffee in the dining room;)

happy weekend!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I really like your lovely sentiment, "Spring is having a party and I have an invitation." My favourite season is Spring! She sure is taking her time showing up here where I live though. Your photo of the lilies is beautiful. Thank you for your visit today and I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.


karen-holmes said...

*joan, you can count on it! :) thank you! -xok.

karen-holmes said...

*sandi, thank you for visiting today -...perhaps spring is waiting to doing an amazing celebration in your area... get your lovely china ready! -xok.

beth said...

i think maybe tomorrow, fresh flowers are being bought !! we need some spring here even if it's all indoors !!

karen-holmes said...

*beth...good plan, indeed! fresh flowers! thank you for your visit! -xok.

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