Friday, April 8, 2011

Lasting Pleasures

Easter Basket
Photograph by: Karen Holmes

"Pleasure is the flower that passes;
remembrance, the lasting perfume."

-Jean de Boufflers

My sons have naturally grown up over the years into fine men, but I have held on to their childhood Easter baskets and bring them out at this time of year as a sweet ritual. I smile when I recall their tiny hands clasping the basket handles, and how much joy they expressed in the discovery of their once-a-year celebration of spring and overflowing abundance. Such kind rituals offer us the beauty of being surrounded with deep ongoing connection that understandably moves forward into next generations, and releases a lingering perfume of pleasures.

May you have a weekend of cheerful spring celebrations and rituals that bring you enduring joy.


d e l i g h t said...

Hi Karen, A lovely sentiment. Isn't it wonderful to be able to recall wonderful memories.
Take care. Have a good weekend. Linda

karen-holmes said...

*linda, thank you, yes, indeed, it is wonderful! enjoy your having you visit here! - xok.

Birdie said...

Karen dear! what a wonderful memories!! I smiled reading your lines, again. Thank you. Have the most wonderful weekend sweet Soul! sending love.

karen-holmes said...

*birdie, how i love to see you visiting, a wonderful weekend to you, too! -xok.

Melinda said...

I'll never forget Easter in Stuttgart with you, Uncle Adolph and family! I smile remembering that my basket contained my first-ever BIG chocolate bunny (my childhood baskets had what i would have described as a really small two-biter-bunny). I recall eating that whole chocolate extravagance at once... because I could... and then feeling OH-SO-SICK afterwards! Simple joys!

karen-holmes said...

*oh melinda, i so love hearing from you here, and i so love the memories of our Easter in Stuttgart. I laughed out loud over your memory of the BIG chocolate bunny - I remember our hunting for easter eggs in the woods! Such "good ideas" we have shared for eating treats - isn't it almost time for us to do some more treat-sharing? you are so loved, my dear! happy weekend! -xok.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Karen,
Love the sentiment, and I love the petal covered Easter basket; so pretty! I too have such wonderful memories of my little ones. Thank you for sharing a lovely post and thank you too for your visit. It's always lovely to hear from you. Have a wonderful weekend.


karen-holmes said...

*sandi, thank you & always lovely to have you visit... xok.

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