Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dance the Miracle

Dancing Toes
Photograph by: Karen Holmes

"Think of the magic of that foot, comparatively small,
upon which your whole weight rests.
It's a miracle, and the dance...
is a celebration of that miracle."

- Martha Washington, American First Lady

Oh, how I love to see a child dance with abandon... the steps and music belong to them one has taught them...they just know... pure and simple expression....indeed, it is a celebration of the miracle of being.

Today, may you celebrate the miracle of your life...and dance your own unique dance with joyful abandon!

Blessings to you...

10 comments: said...

Hello Karen, What a lovely thought and photograph. A wonderful way to start my Wednesday.

karen-holmes said...

*good morning, pleasure...enjoy your dance today. -xok.

Spelmker said...

I love those dancing toes!

karen-holmes said...

*kerry...yes, such joy! happy to see you here! -xok.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful toes!! Can't wait to see pictures of a dancing little girl later.
This makes me think of my grandson dancing on webcam with his mom to an exercise tape--hands in the air and joy on his face as he moved his body to the music.
Have a lovely day of joy! xo Pam

karen-holmes said...

*good morning, pam...what a great visual of dancing - thank you for sharing! a lovely day to you, too! -xok.

kiki said...

OOh those toes are so needing to be kissed and touched.

What a glorious sight, and joyful to imagine the little girl that will balance her life upon those toes.

I know those toes are loved dearly by your grace.xoxo

karen-holmes said...

*kiki...indeed, those toes are precious and kissable, and so loved by me! perhaps we will teach her our ballet moves someday! :) happy to see you here today! - xok.

Birdie said...

and just today I posted about 'choosing the miracle' :-) ... beautiful, beautiful as always, thank you. Lots of love to you dear Karen!

karen-holmes said...

*yes, birdie, i love your "choosing the miracle" quote and writings and the beautiful tree. much love to you! - xok.

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