Monday, May 2, 2011

Summer Slipped In

Surfboard Waiting
Coming or Going? Does it really matter?
It is good to be prepared...

Summer slipped in today... this early in the game, you can never be too sure how long it intends to stay...that's the thing about life - you just need to grab hold of it and hug it up every chance you get!

Hope your day has sweet elements of "summer slipping in"... and that it begs you to play a little...and you simply said "yes!"


Saimi said...

Great pictures, I'd just be happy if Spring stuck around! The weather teases us with a nice day every so often then it sends in the rain and wind just to remind us who's in control! HA

stopping by to say Hi!

karen-holmes said...

*saimi...welcome! hope a ray of sunshine reminds you that spring will soon grow into summer and you will wonder - when did that happen?! -xok.

beth said...

oh were sitting in the sand enjoying the day....i am sooooo jealous !!!

karen-holmes said...

*beth...yes, pretty cool, huh?! i love how the pizza shop is just 2 blks from the beach - i would share with you! thanks for visiting -xok.

Anyes said...

Surf board, beach and Pizza quite a nice combination! Spring has finally decided to stay around here for more than a few hours, and I like it.
Thank you for your kind words, and for becoming a follower Karen :-)

karen-holmes said...

*anyes...welcome! so glad you enjoyed and that spring is truly beginning for you now. -xok.

Birdie said...

Karen, how true, we must enjoy each and every moment, it's as simple as that isn't it my dear friend? ... sending lots of love.

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