Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shell Seeker

Shell Seeker
Photographs: Karen Holmes

"The smell was deeply nostalgic, of oil paint and turpentine
mingled up with the salty wind that poured through the window."

- Rosamunde Pilcher (The Shell Seekers)

Last night I finished reading "The Shell Seekers"... it was not my first reading, but I realize that the last time I read the book I was in another place entirely. Still, across the years - like generations connecting - I read the words and turned the pages and became cradled once again with love for the sea and European gardens; the inspirational interplay of light and subject to an artist; history that lived with the fallout of war; the gift of lost love that lingered in gratefulness instead of bitterness or grief; and the strength of a woman who created a life with goodness, wisdom, generosity and regard for a slightly bohemian spirit.  

I adore how though the reading, the author - who once bravely dared to meet the empty page - meets with me like an old friend sharing a cup of tea and conversation... my soul is fed ... and I feel the comfort of kind affiliation...and there I dwell in deep appreciation...


d e l i g h t said...

Beautiful thoughts and I feel that I would like to read that book. Hope you had a good day.

Christina said...

it sounds beautiful.

Lee said...

Love the photos with your impressions of the book. How I miss the beach!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

hi karen....lovely post..thanks for the kind words of welcome, my friend.

it means alot

happy to stop by for a visit today with you...

kary and teddy

Anyes said...

beautiful post, Karen the beach looks full of those treasures the tide might have brought in. I love it :-)

kiki said...

The bounty of the sea! Your picture of the shells in a silver bowl, honestly I can only simply say "It takes my breathe away!".

I want it blown up on my living room wall, to admire, feel, dream and to simply inspire me to reach out and touch the simple gifts from God each and every day.

Celebrating in my heart your gift of finding simplistic beauty in those things that you surround yourself with, especially at this time in your life. Bravo! xoxo

Birdie said...

aww Karen, I just simply love you!!! :-)) I feel back home here reading your posts! Big thank you and lots of love!!!
ps: I'll be back later this week to catch with the older posts I missed. You are like a cup of the most wonderful tea that needs to be savored sip by sip, then sit and reflect before taking another sip ... !!

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