Thursday, January 20, 2011

Visions and Dreams

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Photograph by: Karen Holmes

"To become truly immortal a work of art must escape all human limits:
logic and common sense will only interfere.
But once those barriers are broken, it will enter the realms of childhood
visions and dreams."
- Giorgio De Chirico

How many times is something begun, and for one of a million reasons, our paths veer and flow in another direction? We often question such diversions. We say things like: Must my child grow up so soon? Must I pause with my education? Must I say good bye right now? Must I give up my dream? Of course we say those things to ourselves, and from there those questions either become a stepping stone or sticking point. To my way of thinking, they are perfect stepping stones to rather interesting answers that begin with "Yes, and." Yes, and I will become witness to my child's graduation or the birth of their child. Yes, and I will become a student of life and return to finish my degree later. Yes, and I will hold that person in my heart forever and be grateful. Yes, and I will create a new dream, and in doing so, respectfully give a kind nod to my old dream that helped me along my way.

Often our lives are about acknowledging, appreciating and using experiences to grow our confidence to welcome the next vision and dream - for when we simply say: "Yes, and..."


Betsy said...

My own process with your last few entries led me last evening to "grow grow" and then this morning to these dreams and visions. The process itself (this is where the tapestry threads from yesterday fit in) shows me clearly how the diversion you speak of here really can BE - or at least BEcome - a connecting thread, a link from what was to what shall BE, IF I take the time to intentionally allow this. I think it's in the Design already - the DNA chain image is very strong in my mind's eye as I write this (from your wonderful thot on that last week!). Somehow this connecting, this Plan affirmation, gives me courage and strength to reconginze and embrace the diversions, as painful or as hard, or as simply impossible as they may seem at any given moment. Like with the knitting project, each of those stitches, each line of the pattern,lends itself to the eventual warmth and en-couraging wrap of the completed shawl...but that can only happen if there is a BE-ginning!
So, speaking of steps, I would like to add to your suggested "Yes, and..." response another dimension which I am finding really helpful: "Yes, now..."
Despite wanting to, I don't have to know ALL the consequences or ramifications or stages or details about where my "Yes, and..." will lead. I just have to embrace and BE embraced by it, stay calm, BE at peace with the Guide, and seek the next step. "So now..." what shall I do, or not do? To keep on the right Path, to not mess up the Pattern, to strengthen the links which already hold this all together, to add to the beautiful images BEing created in the tapestry, to knit one more row (or maybe today just one more stitch), to JUST REST, or (to quote a singing Mother Superior) "To dream the impossible dream..."!
Whatever, it is all aimed at living this day this LIFE which my "Yes, and..." offers me.

karen-holmes said...

Beautifully shared, Betsy... and so very inspirational to me! Thank you with love!

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