Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Accidents

Happy Accident?
Photograph by: Karen Holmes

"Look for ‘Happy Accidents’ and appreciate them!
Seek to discover what has creatively occurred in spite of your influence –
you might find it to be most unpredictably stunning,
and will go far beyond your initial imaginings.” 


Years ago, I attended my first quilt show. Perhaps I should have been more inclined to remember a certain intricate pattern or exquisite design, as there were many on display. Instead, I took away an unusual gift of understanding, and it has served me well throughout many years, most particularly at times when I find I have made a mistake (big or small)...

Quilters of long ago would intentionally create a “mistake” tucked within their quilt pattern. To the quilters, the mistake gave homage to Divine presence - God lived right there within the faltered stitch that diverted away from expectedness. When I happen to come across an aged handcrafted quilt, I look intently to discover if the quilter included, unreservedly, their mistake within the beauty of their creation – if I find it, I simply smile knowingly.

In my own life, I have learned to become far more open to the inspirational influence secluded within my mistakes. I am humbled, yet if I go beyond my initial humiliation, I seem to attract the prospect of something else that was best described as a "Happy Accident" by my former art instructor,Vicki Fish.

Sometimes, when I do see, or even remember, my mistakes… I realize it is okay to simply smile softly and recognize that appreciation just might be my very best response...


Betsy said...

As I read this, there's a sweet aroma of redemption in this also...divinely purposed "fixes" to the messes we get ourselves into.
So the "mis - take" becomes a "Hey, I'll keep this one for the record"!
Ahh...lifelong learning at its best.

kiki said...

What a great metaphor..quilted mistakes!
Thank you for your words, if only we can always remember to "look for" our mistakes willingly so we will be able to cherish our "worn in quilted"selves more.

karen-holmes said...

Such wonderful viewpoints, and additions!
Thanks to you both for sharing!:)

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