Sunday, January 23, 2011

House of Belonging

Memory Porch
Photograph by: Karen Holmes

"You are warmed and sheltered.
You are completely at one in the house of your own longing and belonging"


When I was little, I spent hours upon hours creating home environments for my dolls using books, blocks and other found objects. Therefore, it is not terribly surprising that much of my life path has revolved around identifying and securing comfortable home surroundings for others. What I have learned along the way is that we are a lot like birds - we are naturally equipped with our own sensitive and custom navigation and migration patterns; we innately know where and what home is in the depths of our hearts. I have also learned that even if you move and leave behind a beloved home, the imprint of that "heart place" will remain secure. Rest assured, nothing is ever lost... home, indeed, is where the heart is.

 Home Waits for You
Photograph by: Karen Holmes


Melinda said...

Love the porch photo! Wonderful memories of the reunion. MM

karen-holmes said...

Thanks, Melinda! Thought you might like that one... also reminds me of that stunningly great pic of your Mom waving from the rocker. "Home" exists in so many forms, don't you think? love, k.

Betsy said...

"Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself where she may have her young, a place near Your Altar, O Lord..."
Ps 84, the Bible
Even as I 'hit the road' again, returning finally to my Africa, I will be nestling into the "home of my longing and belonging".
And lovin it!

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