Wednesday, January 5, 2011



My new friend Pam crochets charitable gifts of children's sweaters. The small sweaters are prayed over, and leave Pam's final stitch to be mailed to an organization that will then send the sweater to somewhere in the world where a tiny child is needing added warmth. I like to think of Pam walking down the street in a far off city and recognizing one of her signature bright-colored sweaters on a happy child as they wander by... the very same child she had prayed over stitch-by-stitch. We do not always know where our prayers go, or who will receive our gifts as lovingly as we attempted to send them... however, we can choose to accept that every single small stitch of effort is worthwhile even if it simply serves to make our own hearts more open and gracious. I am grateful that Pam has taken the time to teach me to crochet... I receive it with the loving grace in which it is given, and I hope to someday send off a sweater of my own to a sweet prayed-over child I may never meet.... except in my heart.

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Betsy said...

I absolutely love this photo, Karen!! It speaks so softly to me of yes - beginnings (you gotta start somewhere...), of warm fuzzies and of the sweater which will soon hug a little body needing that hug ever so much...and at the same time, but oh so gently (I need gently), it challenges me to reflect on the kntting which has to happen in between. Through this offering, I SEE how the stitches, crocheted or in life, can be woven together one by one and actually BEcome a physical prayer for another person - and I am again inspired in my own prayer shawl my own life too? I hope so.

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