Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Community Celebration

Circle of Community - New Year's Morning 2006 - Encinitas, CA
Photo: Karen Holmes

The purpose of art is not a rarified, intellectual distillate - it is life, intensified, brilliant life.
-Alain Arias-Misson

Days before the event, The Coast News reporter invited the Community to a New Year's "walk through artwork"; artist Kirk Van Allyn "Kirkos" had been commissioned by a local architect to create the New Year's morning low-tide sand drawing as a charitable effort in support of local art organizations. 

I accepted the generous invitation of an outdoor museum showing, and what I found was unforgettable; for all my days it will signify a brilliant life event. By the time I arrived, the labyrinth was already completed, created against the backdrop of a melon-colored morning sunrise, blue-white breaking waves, and seasoned surfers. Kirkos had been extravagantly generous with the outpouring of his talent, and the community was already taking to the "wandering path" and adding their own contributions of sand-steps, meditations, prayers, hopes, appreciation, flowers, and carefully placed stones. 

What lesson did I learn on that breathtaking New Year's morning?
Kirkos, and his Community audience, taught me that our own authentic boldness of expression, talent, and gratitude will indeed continue to radiate and ripple out in brilliant inspiration long after a new tide comes in...  

New Year's Morning 2006 - Encinitas, CA
Photo: Karen Holmes


Betsy said...

Talk about making my day...You just did it!
And what a day...#1 in a brand New Year!
1/1/11 in fact.
Walking the labyrinth is such a powerful experience for just one person...imagining it in community is delightful! And then too, having the paths etched in sand as the tide - of water, of time, of LIFE - rolls in, gradually erasing the day's first lines but leaving this good, solid memory for you to share and us to take along.
The pink horizon with this new day's, this new year's, promise reflects then on the now smooth sand, in the water, in our mind's eye - to send us each away from this gathering on each of our paths as yes, we (in boldness) offer and receive what inspiration is to be had. Simply...
We're walkin', Karen!

karen-holmes said...

Thank you for walking this new path with me in inspirational Community, Betsy! Your gracious encouragement blesses me abundantly... thank you kind friend! Happy New Year!

Melinda said...

Beautiful. Peaceful. A good omen for a wonderful joy-filled new year.

karen-holmes said...

Yes, indeed, let's welcome together a joy-filled new year!

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