Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Simple Expression

Photograph by: Karen Holmes

"Simplicity is the glory of expression."
- Walt Whitman

My profession has been particularly hard hit by the recession; however, taking a new position in response to the recession's influence has allowed me the opportunity to meet Josefina (a co-worker)...her unique friendship has become one of my life's unexpected gifts...

Josefina is originally from Oaxaca located in Southern Mexico - greater opportunities led her to the United States years ago; her culture and faith lovingly and shyly shine forth without her even being aware. Upon first meeting, my lack of knowing Spanish and her shy demeanor found us without many words to communicate, but what we did have was a simple and immediate "soul knowledge": we wanted to be friends. As the months have gone by, I have learned more Spanish and she has learned more English. Josefina has also taught me about her fascinating culture using such things as small banana-leaf packages of  signature tamales and carefully chosen words to explain to me why her faith is so precious to her well being.

Along life's path, I have discovered that when we are faced with adversity, unexpected "flowerings" can occur to brighten the way. Out of the recession's unfairness an unforgettable gift of friendship and learning have appeared, and I am deeply blessed:

Josefina es mi maestra.
Karen is my teacher.
Josefina es mi amiga.
Karen is my friend.    


Christina said...

this is so love filled. i hope you both walk a beautiful journey of friendship.

Anonymous said...

Since I have also met the beautiful person of Josefina and been blessed by her loving and giving spirit--I too rejoice in your friendship and say what a great God we have who gives us such friends along the way.

karen-holmes said...

Thank you, Christina for the lovely wishes...

Thank you, Pam for sharing the joy of your appreciation for Josefina...

blessings to you both. xo k.

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