Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bike Happy

Waiting Bikes
Photograph by: Karen Holmes

"Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live."
- Mark Twain "Taming the Bicycle"

What is it about just seeing a bike off in the distance that pedals you right back to some of the best rides? I loved learning to ride my first bike - I can still remember the parent-release and moving my legs and grabbing the handlebars and feeling oh so proud and oh so free! I have done many miles of riding since then, and I always experience the very same sense of freedom and wind-in-your-face joy. I can walk into a bike shop and get happy just seeing all the great new designs and gear. I especially like the simplicity of the Cruiser bikes.

Maybe today you will think of all the places you have been on a bike...
 and all the places you can go....
Enjoy the ride!

Pink Bikes
Photograph by: Karen Holmes


Anonymous said...

What freeing thoughts. My husband and I have a tandem bike and there is such a wonderful sense of joy in riding--especially for me who leaves the "driving" to my lovely husband and I get to "sightsee" from behind.
I am remembering all those great rides we have taken and those we will take in the future. Pam

karen-holmes said...

*pam...thanks for sharing your tandem bike pleasures - happy riding! xok.

Melinda said...

I so agree with Bike Happiness! I've recently had the pleasure of visiting several European cities such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam where biking is THE mode of transportation. There are more bikes than cars and buses. Everyone is riding respectfully. You can just feel the unhurried, happy atmosphere! I recently bought myself a carrier for the back of my bike and i'm committed (once the snow melts a bit more) to make biking my preferred way of getting to work. As always, great photos, Karen!

karen-holmes said...

Hello Melinda! Ohhh... such good memories of Amsterdam & Copenhagen. The bike carriers are so great - I can just see you enjoying a Cape summer ride... someday I hope to join you! And thank you for the kudos - glad you are enjoying, dear friend! -xok.

Anonymous said...

I want a pink bike!
I always wanted a pink bike, and your photo reminded me just how much I want a pink cruiser with a "todo basket" filled with wine, cheese and a loaf of french bread (before just wanted a little yorkie peering out), pink and white streamers on the handlebars, a card clothes pinned to the front wheel that gets louder the faster I go and hums as I slow to take in the sights. I want it NEW, and shining and a plate on the back of my seat that reads "you go girl"!
Thanks for the escape to dreamville on a bike. What color do you want?
See you on the "greenbelt", Sis!

karen-holmes said...

Pink, too! hence the photo... the pink bikes were all lined up on the street outside a rental shop... surf boards could also be had at the very same place. Such luxury! And the bikes even had baskets!You go girl! xok.

Birdie said...

You make sound the bike ride so ... beautiful. I'm afraid bike never made it for me ... but there is a reason to it ... I had to ride with my mom because she wanted to and I could not go and play with my friends, we lived in a hill country side, I hated each of those hill then ... lol, today thanks goodness, I can look back and just smile gently at these times ... The pink bikes looks wonderful though :-) happy weekend and lots of love.

karen-holmes said...

*hello birdie...isn't it nice how more difficult memories can soften with time, and then lo and behold you are able to see something different, and even approachable and appealing, about a pink bike... i think they call that creativity (or maybe healing). thank you for visiting today...and for your sharing. -xok.

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