Saturday, February 5, 2011

Choose Your Direction

Choose Your Direction
Photograph by: Karen Holmes

"The capacity for hope is the most significant fact of life.
It provides human beings with a sense of destination and the energy to get started."
- Norman Cousins

What road have you chosen to travel? Which direction are you headed? In my work, I am surrounded by small business owners. Recession road-weary, I become unexpectedly invigorated by the spirit of these entrepreneurs who confidently challenge grim economics with their life energy and clear direction. What I notice is that they seem to share a key quality: a simple belief in themselves and their ability to grow a thriving business. I find significant hope in their tenacity and direction of faith to expand possibility!

And, I also smile and think: How very American of them!


Betsy said...

Love this, Karen! I was just thinking about courage today as I meet up with several fearsome hurdles each day here in Senegal - things I've never had to do 'by myself'(like figuring out how to keep some cash on hand when I had thought I could use ATMs but the one I tried yesterday said their HQ is in Egypt and therefore their cash flow is shut down for the foreseeable future!!)...or just new things (like navigating a totally changed road system in taxis I have to hail and haggle with for decent prices which have all changed too since I was last here). Ah yes, courage...when it gets tough, I step back, take a really slow, deep breath - and think - or say aloud if need be - I CAN do this because I am setting up my business and this is one of the necessary steps toward that end!! So, I guess I am one of your small business owners, from a distance!
Thanks for reminding me it's alot about HOPE too!

karen-holmes said...

Bravo, Betsy... thank you for sharing and inspiring! Each and every thing that happens ripples out to touch more than we realize in the beginning... world events - like Egypt - become more personal, just as you have shared. Traveling mercies to you with love!

Betsy said...

I'm back here today, with another insight into what truly is both simple courage AND simply inspiring. AS I continue to walk my daily path of choices made against fearsome (for me, here and now)hurdles, I read with dismay this morning of an American correspondant being attacked during the Egyptian revolution ‘celebration’. While sad for her, I recognize this single event serves to highlight the common daily plight of countless Egyptian – Arab – anywhere women(as the book Half the Sky so clearly shows). Sexual attack, harassment and abuse are culturally accepted, yes, even culturally imposed, worldwide. And yet with this horrible truth, courgage itself "ripples" forth in so many different forms. I realize that each of us, in whatever situation we find ourselves, can BE courageous – whether it be me establishing MYSELF here in Senegal in part to stand up and be strong again after my own experiences of betrayal and abuse…or one women or a thousand people together standing against those who would dismiss basic human decency and seize instead cruel, destructive power over even one other person.
I am encouraged! Betsy

karen-holmes said...

Betsy, thank you for this remarkable insight that allows us to "see" things from your unique perspective as you seek to grow your business in the "light of Africa," and in doing so, you are becoming more personally empowered... which of course, "ripples" out to bless and encourage us to stand up to fear and find our own "True North". Bless you. love, k.

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