Sunday, February 20, 2011

Locavore Sunday...

Sunday Guavas
Photograph by: Karen Holmes
"Those who are interested in eating food that is locally produced,
not moved long distances to market, are called "locavores..."

Meandering local Farmer's Markets on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon is one of my favorite pastimes; therefore, I was rather astonished to find out, as I was doing research for an article, that there is a title for what I have been doing for sometime now. Without even realizing it, I have been a bit of a “locavore”… (My thanks to Dr. Dyjack who decided to blog about his month-long locavore experience… and for his introduction to the overall sustainability and eco-consciousness aspects of being a locavore.)

Today, as I wandered a local Farmer's Market, I had a chance to visit with Ron and Eva - the proud owners/farmers of Trethowan Organic Farms. I found out that it means something very important to them that they do not use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers on their 700+ fruit trees. When I asked them if they felt their work contributed to the good health of others, they looked soulfully at each other and then Eva said, “We just wish that many folks would not wait for serious illness to strike before they decided to take better care of themselves… they wait too long.” Obviously, Ron and Eva’s guavas, Tarracco Blood Oranges, and honey are cultivated with a fullness of heart and a strong dedication to supportive community and environmental practices.

I was glad for a gorgeous Sunday, meeting and being inspired by good folks like Ron and Eva, and that it is a simple pleasure to become a better locavore


Birdie said...

Hi Karen, nice to meet you :-) what a wonderful place you have here! I grew up in a place where we eat only local foods all year long. And it was wonderful and not a single time during the year I would feel like we were 'missing' anything ... I try to follow that now as well, even though I admit I could do better ... what a lovely thoughtful and inspiring post! sending love.

karen-holmes said...

*birdie, good morning, and a warm welcome... so happy to see you here. and thank you for your kind words. i have found joy visiting your blog-home, so i am happy you are doing the same here. blessings to you in your day! xok.

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