Thursday, August 4, 2011

Whispered Prayers

"Prayer is translation.
A man translates himself
into a child asking for all
there is in a language he
has barely mastered."

-Leonard Cohen, 76, singer and songwriter

My days are woven with the gentle and exquisite threads of prayers - mine for others and their kind offerings for me. This divine (and mostly private) Godly offering has been going on for so many years it has become like breathing for me. Softly and sweetly... in and out - whispered breath by whispered breath - transformation occurs with this translation of a language I still do not completely understand (but take great comfort in). Over the years, I have become an ever-grateful witness to many miracles, healings and joys - large and small - that have arrived on the wings of divinely answered prayers.

I just thought I would tell you today... because you - those who care to graciously visit me here - would find yourself in my prayers more than you realize... and within those prayers for your well being these words are repeated again and again: thank you for their presence in my life... 


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely beautifully scuplted essence of prayer and our lives of service to God and others through the practice of prayer.
Thank you for your encouraging words and the lovely picture. I especially like the Effel Tower on the vase. So you!!
Prayers are coming your way today and I thank you for the ones I know are coming my way.
Pam xo

Birdie said...

Karen, that's a lovely altar you have. And a lovely post - 'prayer like a breath in and out'... beautiful ... thank you so much for the prayers, you are in my heart, meditations and prayers as well! much love!

kiki said...

You are always in my prayers!
I adore your Madonna, and the grace of your praying daily together. Much love to you.

beth said...

gosh, you really just got me all choked up. thank you so much for being you. what a blessing you are.

Christina said...

this brought me to tears. these words and prayer, so beautiful.

Anyes said...

Karen you always seem to have words that are soothing to my soul. I needed to read you today. Thank you

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