Friday, August 26, 2011

Night songs...

Softly singing into the night...

"Sit outside at midnight and close your eyes;
feel the grass, the air, the space.
Listen to the birds for ten minutes at dawn.
Memorize a flower."

- Linda Hasselstrom
(Peace be with You)

Do you feel it?... summer drawing to a close... it seems that the crickets are singing lullabies pulling the covers over us to get ready for the cooler nights. My friend Betsy recently read to me a passage from an old book she found that was written in the 1920s by someone who had fallen in love with the area surrounding Cape Cod... the words spoke to me of making friends with the soft night and wrapping up in it with embracing love. I like those thoughts of finding peacefulness in the after midnight quiet.

Wishing you the sweetness of a summer dark velvet night, aglow with starlight and candlelight.
Wishing you end of summer peace... 


Anonymous said...

What lovely thoughts. Being very much a morning person, I don't usually see midnight, but that same peacfulness can be found in the quiet before the sunrise. The misty air as I take my dog outside in the early morning when all is quiet and God's peace pervades the world. I appreciate all of that.

May your day be full of all God's peace and comfort in the midst of a busy day and in the eye of the storms of life. He is watching out for us and bringing His peace and wholeness to us.

I hope you have a restful weekend.
Pam xo

Betsy said...

O Karen,
You do such a fine job making things simply inspiring!! Yes, the nights on Cape Cod were also so very inpsiring...and even as the "hurricane of a lifetime bears down, as night approaches once again, may you and all your reader friends find peace in the dark silence.

kiki said...

So the night people get their secret told, and many morning risers are now in on this special peace.
you have always been the morning queen and I the princess of the night, how interesting to read your blog today!
I remember many midnight soirees with my thoughts surrounded by the sounds of the night crickets, the fluttering of the moths against the dimmed lights, and the firefly (oh, how I love the southern fireflies).
I have done my best goodbyes, in my mind, within the night air, from loves lost, to friends, pets and homes. Each one slips slowly into the darkness as I release them. I often send my thoughts on the wings of the moths, willing them to be free.

As summer closes, and fall gives us God's kailidescope of colors, dashed about to intrigue our thoughts, I will sit once again, in my porch swing, at midnight and wrap myself with warmth and release my thoughts to the dawn of a new day, and just maybe they will dance with the thoughts of the queens of the morning.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

It is very easy to fall in love with the Cape. Beautiful words!!

Christina said...

oh this is beautiful. so very simple and beautiful.
ps: so glad the cardinal is happy there. i bet it's all the love he receives.

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