Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tiny Treasures

Summer's 1st Tomatoes

"We are most alive in those moments when our
hearts are conscious of our treasures."

- Thornton Wilder

There is something so wholesome about taking time to select a perfect tiny tomato seedling at the nursery, and then softly turning the earth to plant that little sprig of green just outside your back door. The watering and anticipation becomes a kind and loving ritual, and you are joined there by curious birds, bees kissing pollen, and dipping dragon flies. And then one fine day it finally happens - the tiny tomato treasure you have been waiting and hoping for... and you become aware: your heart has joined in the sweet harvest of a simple summer pleasure...

What are your simple summer pleasures?


for the love of a house said...

dear Karen,
I love this post for so many reasons.... just two days ago I walked by a tomato plant at a shop that looked just like your photo- as I glanced at it my heart unexpectantly went pitter patter and I was overwhelmed by a feeling of love, and excitement and childhood memories. I loved that the sight of new tomatoes could make me so happy!
I also love this T.Wilder quote. We live 12 miles from the town that he based "Our Town" on (in fact wrote the play there)... it is the most charming New England town and we visit it often. I always think of him and his message from the play and try to remember to appreciate these days, each and every one of them, as they will be gone too soon.
Thank you for your comment on my father's flag. It was so absolutely lovely and make me feel like I had just received a hug.... thank you!


beth said...

we picked our own strawberries on saturday and had so much fun doing it....that is totally what summer is to me.....things like that.
oh and fresh basil growing in my kitchen window.....i just don't do that in the wintertime {but i should}

Christina said...

oh this is lovely. i am patiently waiting on ours. ; )

and this quote... love.

summer... watermelon, corn, lazy days... slow poetry.

Anonymous said...

My simple summer pleasures--watching my grandson run on the grass or under the sprinklers--such joy on his face and laughter on his lips--
Memories of childhood--playing hide and seek in my grandfather's garden--hiding in the tall corn--laughter as my brothers and cousins and I found each other--shucking corn and shelling peas on my grandmother's front porch.

Simple pleasures that mean so much!!
Thank you for sharing!! Pam xo

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

lovely...we picked our first ones last night...

simple summer pleasure

i love it

sending love,

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