Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach Music

Beach Music

Lean in closely to hear the beach music...
all those waves of goodness to gather up in your heart...
such a delectable summer symphony...
so many things happen here.
Just listen...stop time,
rest in a moment where even the sun wants to stay.


Birdie said...

Karen! how lovely, it seems that you are enjoying the summer :-) We are under heavy rains here but when the sun comes out at moments, it feels beautifully good - like an Indian summer. Much joy and love to you!!
ps: love the collage!!

beth said...

i didn't hear a dang thing....i guess i'll just have to hop on a plane and get myself to a beach ASAP !!

Carol said...

Great beach pictures! That yellow hibiscus is so pretty!

kiki said...

I hear it...and I am dancing to the beat. Thanks for reminding me to take a moment and to listen for beautiful sounds, even from my memory bank. Love it, "rock on". Xoxo

Anonymous said...

Such lovely pictures of summertime delights. I hear the music--a lovely sound to bring peace to the heart and mind.
I love your new top montage. Such beautiful pictures especially on special little one!!
I hope you have a great week!
Pam xo

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Karen ~~~ just so summery

happy to stop by, my friend

kary and teddy

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