Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yard Trees

Photograph by: Karen Holmes

“If you would know strength and patience
welcome the company of trees.”
- Hal Borland 

Yard Trees … the comfort of their company lives in such medley over years and days. There are so many... the gently-swaying, whispering willow; a grandparent's gracious cherry tree nicked and notched by climbing cousins; the mighty pine that was once a tiny slender seedling; the showy Jacaranda fluttering petite purple blooms upon fresh-mowed grass; the generous orange tree – abundantly sweet in both heavily-scented blossoms and fruit; and, oh yes, the surprise rose-white flowered tree leaning against a Victorian on a much-walked pathway...

Yard trees do much to soften the harsh-edges and angles of our familiar yards… sometimes it is simply courteous to open your eyes to the goodness of such things…and be grateful...

Where are your beloved Yard Trees?


Birdie said...

Karen! I missed you! I'm so happy to read your posts again :-) it's amazing, every time I visit here with you it feels like I'm home. It's a soul to soul total understanding and I'm so grateful for that!
Yard trees are amazing, aren't they? My grandparents used to have a huge absolutely stunning nut tree in their garden (the tree still stands there as my uncle keeps it). I remember how gracious the tree stood there. The smells of the leaves that felt on the ground in the autumn. I remember how it felt to hug it ... thank you for refreshing those sweet and peaceful memories of my childhood.
Sending lots of love.

karen-holmes said...

*birdie...and i missed you... thank you for your lovely posts. your writing (as always) about the nut tree simply warms my heart - i stand in its sweet shade, and also yours, this fine morning...and i am grateful! with love,xok.

kiki said...

I have a strong yard tree memory, it is a glorious cherry tree planted in my Grandparents yard in Ferndale, Michigan only the roots of this tree stretch farther than the soil there.

It was in this tree that I learned to ponder my thoughts and dream beyond the boundries of the yard. I also learned the art of spying on others as I sat silently on my perch. I would watch my Grammas hands work her garden flowers, and my Grandpa smooth the forever shine of his beloved retirement Cadillac, and smile with love for them.

It was perched percariously that I learned more about loving others as my big sister would climb up often to sit within the arms to share silly thoughts, or hush me to see something her ever creative mind focused on of unique wonderment.

I would first learn here about natures fine balance of life and death because within the shadow of this tree my small hands would learn to cradled and treasure the early flights of unsuccessful baby birds. I would built a new nest to protect them, and test the strength of prayer, but moreso it was my big sister's love that would bestow upon me the nickname Baby Bird for my efforts and tears.

Oh, the gift of one tree, lessons and loves. Thank you for the walk in my memory with my beloved cherry tree- my dear sweet Sister Bird. Xoxo

karen-holmes said...

*baby bird...what a dear post...i loved climbing that cherry tree...thanks for sitting with me there, and listening... then and now. xok. aka sister bird.

Melinda said...

I loved this! I am such a tree person. I was immediately drawn back to my childhood home - a small house in the middle of 5 acres of dense woods - which in the springtime were laced with beautiful white dogwoods as far as the eye could see. When we were looking for homes a few years ago in Boston, it was the variegated dogwood tree in the back yard that sealed-the-deal on the house. I placed our hammock directly under the delicate broad branches layered high like a pagoda... and in the summer I like to look up at the blue-blue sky thru the stunning white and green leaves. Thanks for bringing me back there in my mind. xo Melinda

karen-holmes said...

*melinda... i could just climb right into the hammock you describe...and...ohhhh...lacey dogwood trees (sigh!)...thank you so much for sharing your beautiful tree stories... and for your oh so dear friendship! xok.aka fellow bud-lover

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