Friday, March 18, 2011

Good Waiting

Good Waiting
Photograph by: Karen Holmes

"Creativity is harnessing universality and making it flow through your eyes."
- Peter Koestenbaum

I took this photo while waiting for friends who were late...very late... and what I loved is that I found creativity - instead of aggravation - in those moments. See the sweet little bird on the rock, and the surfers waiting to ride the waves off in the distance? They are kind reflections of finding goodness in simply waiting. The tiny bird - all on its own - was singing away like a rock star not caring if it had an audience. And the surfers were most likely enjoying the sunshine as they bobbed gently on the blue waters and had a good visit with their friends until the next wave came in. It turns out that my wait brought me joys that I may have missed otherwise...

Wishing you a weekend of sweet discoveries... especially if you find yourself needing to wait...


kiki said...

Waiting is an artful way of achieving God's work! I have been in a waiting for a long time for things in our economy to turn, I even tried singing like you bird (in the shower) to let God hear my words in a different tone. Today, after your entry, I looked back over the last couple years and saw it differently! I was given the gift to pause, refuel, and learn to dream with a song on my lips and the sun on my face. Thanks for a reflection with love.

karen-holmes said...

* great pleasure... and i am so glad you were able to gain a kinder, sweeter perspective. xok.

Spelmker said...

I love that!

Betsy said...

I'm back, Karen...waiting as always! With sweet thoughts from this beautiful offering...looking forward to going thru my pix and reflections from this trip to date this weekend as part of my REST time! Betsy

karen-holmes said...

*welcome back, betsy... i've missed you...please be safe as you rest and return back this way. xok.

Birdie said...

oh Karen, I really did miss you! What a wonderful wonderful post! This is what it means to find beauty in the ordinary and how to embrace what comes your way ... you are so loved!

Betsy said...

I'm waiting - again - this weekend, Karen. I like the idea here of not focusing on the very late friends...but on what else is happening around us, as we do have to wait. I have my garden to enjoy, and my parents to reconnect with after my trip and my fellowship to look forward to tomorrow, and a new mentoring/friendship I'm beginning to build with someone needing support. That's a lot to BE enjoying - and the wait kind of fades into the background. Good, yes!
Interestingly, too, I wrote a chapter in homeschooling book about 15 years ago entitled "Constructive waiting" which describes how I trained my boys to use their time wisely if 'teacher' wasn't immediately available to answer questions or give guidance. As they were becoming independent learners, this was a skill they both developed and I would say today it is one of their most valuable homeschool legacies.

karen-holmes said...

*good morning, betsy. thank you for visiting and sharing about the "constructive waiting" and how it supports independence. Of course, as we know, a premature baby has a much more difficult time surviving...if possible, waiting until term is a benefit for all concerned...(indeed, this is God's wise 9-month plan that's been going on for some time now...). a wonderful day - that includes "good waiting" - to you. -xok.

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