Thursday, January 5, 2012

Paris Pleasures...

"When you die
God and the angels
will hold you accountable
for all the pleasures you
were allowed in life
that you denied yourself."

- Anonymous

As a New Year begins, I wonder if you will join me by dreaming of "all the places you will go" in 2012? 

I loved the premise in the recently out New Year's Eve movie, where one of the lead characters has cultivated a "Bucket List" and through a very innovative "spirit of inspiration," she was able to "travel to" and discover her heart's desires right there in her own backyard... lovely thought, don't you think? 

Therefore, without even stepping on a plane, I bring a little Paris to you today in these images - I hope you will enjoy. I also hope you will be simply inspired to create some of your own traveling desires right there in your own backyard!

Bon Voyage!



Kate said...

Merci beaucoup, Karen! I simply love your blog and all of your inspiring messages. I wish you all the best in your travels through 2012!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Sounds like a very attainable way to get through your bucket list. I'll give it a try!!

Red Rose Alley said...

Your Paris pictures are so lovely. You know the girls went to Paris a few years ago and loved everything about it - the people, the culture, the food. It really changed their lives. If I could choose somewhere to travel to, it would have to be Greece, as I am part Greek. It's nice that we can dream in our own back yards, isn't it? I can almost smell your pink roses from here.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Anyes said...

Having just arrived back from Paris myself, I can tell you I wouldn't mind going back ;-)

Kerin said...

Hi Karen...
I love this post!!
Great quote too. It makes one stop and think doesn't it.
Miracles, and blessings are all around us each and every day.... we just have to pause and appreciate them :)
I love your Paris images too... simply charming!
Can't wait to see what 'travels' you find this year.

LV said...

Absolutely beautiful post. It has always been my dream to see Paris.

Ruben Rivera said...

Hi Karen,
Like you I seek to find inspiration everywhere in the everyday that God puts in front of me. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post on Heavenly Minded & Earthly Good. I hope to continue posts along those lines. Isn't blogland wonderful?

"I wanted to capture the simple inspiration that surrounds my everyday."
Simply Inspired

Pretty cool, that.
All the best

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Merci chèrie! Anything with a bit of Paris is always welcomed in my heart! You might like a link party that I will be giving this May. Last May I had many participants and it was SO FUN. Watch for it! And thank you for your kind words today! IT MATTERS! Anita

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