Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gathering Places...

"The dream was always running ahead of me.
To catch up,
to live for a moment in unison with it,
that was the miracle."

- Anis Nin

The expectation contained in December gathering places fascinates and inspires me. As I wait for friends, I ponder on all those who have so graciously designed and set a beautiful stage for our time together. Who are they, I wonder? I simply whisper a prayer of thanks that they have cultivated and shared their talent, and hope that they will be blessed in return.

I wish you December waiting times that allow you to admire and contemplate the hands you will most probably never touch that made your gathering place so very exquisite...


Birdie said...

dear Karen, if everyone would be able to remark what you do, give thanks and then bless others in return the world would be a peaceful place to live in ... thank you so much for warming my heart tonight my friend! blessings to you!!!

Kerin said...

Beautiful thoughts.
I'm certainly working on keeping things in perspective and making time and moments to enjoy the everyday blessing.

Did you see the moon picture on my post today?
I just had to stop what I was doing and look at that miracle :)

Red Rose Alley said...

Yes, all the designers and decorators who help us to see the beauty in their own way. They are very talented people. This post holds a special place in my heart, as my Jess loves Interior Design, and has her degree in it. She has always been the creative one, so patient and careful with detail, whereas me and Nel just get the project done. I do appreciate the ones who take their time. Thank you for reminding me of these special people.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Lee said...

Lovely, Karen. Thank you. :)

Wendy Paula said...

A thoughtful and inspirational post.
I love to dwell on times past and those who made and created the places I now tread, they do I am sure leave a little of themselves in the spirit of the place.
Gorgeous images:)
Have a special day
Wendy x

Christina said...

so beautiful. you always give me a place to rest and find peace.

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