Monday, December 27, 2010

Betsy's Prayer Shawl - Knitted in Love

Like a prayer, or a wish, I send it out to you, hoping you can hear me...
hoping that my love reaches you somehow.
- Ann Hood

"Knitted in Love".
"Friendship like a shawl, is colorful and warm enfolding the good times
Sheltering from difficulties.
May this gift and the prayers woven into, through and from within it,
accompany you gently and firmly into a New Year of celebration."
I love you, Betsy.

I am deeply grateful for the inspiration of this precious gift...
As I wrap the soft feather whiteness around my shoulders,
I feel as if an angel wing is gently holding me...
If I listen very carefully I can hear the needles clicking
and the soft echoes of heaven-bound prayers whispered on my behalf.
In that moment I am assured that all is well.
Thank you, Betsy.


Betsy said...

Seeing the shawl and hearing about it in this Way makes it all the more special for me also!

As I read your description of your Grandfather and how he helped people, and your decision to make this blog an offering of simple inspiration...I AM inspired! Helping others, extending that hand, that heart...we CAN overcome and navigate Life's storms together, wrapped in the shawl of Love from the One Who gives us this precious - and yes, precarious! - Life.

karen-holmes said...

Beautifully stated Betsy. Thank you!

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